Former Salt Lake County Attorney Ted L. Cannon has been ordered to appear in court Monday to show cause for violation of his probation.

Cannon was found guilty in April 1987 of misdemeanor charges of defamation and official misconduct. In May 1987, he pleaded no contest to reduced assault charges and attempted misuse of public funds as a part of a plea bargain.Third District Judge Leonard Russon fined Cannon and imposed a six-month jail sentence. The sentence was suspended on condition that Cannon pay the fines, stay out of trouble and serve 30 days in jail.

Adult Probation and Parole officials contend that Cannon has not paid his fines, failed to report to his probation officers and failed to take medication as part of a psychological treatment plan.

Cannon told the Deseret News he has not paid the $4,000 in fines because he has not had a stable income. Cannon has a private law practice, but he has recently lost his home because of lack of funds.

"I have been taking my medication. And I've been receiving continual medical treatment," said Cannon.

"The problem with the probation officers is because of the turnover. I've had five different officers and never met two of them. I hope to work these problems out Monday."

Cannon is scheduled to appear before Russon at 2 p.m.