Springville and Spanish Fork have agreed to join Provo's Bayview landfill project, but officials are a little nervous about losing control to the larger city.

"When you get into bed with `big brother,' the question is who will control the electric blanket," said Jack Leifson, a Spanish Fork city councilman, on Wednesday.Springville City Councilman Ben Olsen attended Spanish Fork's council meeting to make an appeal for cooperation.

"We're all a little afraid of big brother, so we thought it would be a good idea if Springville and Spanish Fork locked arms on issues important to us," Olsen said. "Together, we ought to have at least as much voice as Provo."

The Bayview site, 640 acres near Elberta, will meet strict new Environmental Protection Agency requirements that Springville and Spanish Fork's current landfill does not.

Provo is waiting to see how many cities will use the landfill before completing designs, but Provo Mayor Joe Jenkins has said his city has all the necessary permits from the state and the EPA and has prepared a 50-year master plan for the site. By some estimates, the landfill could be ready to open by spring.

Spanish Fork and Springville officials are wary of fees that could increase and the unresolved question of where the transfer stations will be placed. The distance between cities and transfer stations will determine hauling costs.

"Once we have a contract, we can go over to Provo and raise any flags on issues that bother us," said Councilman Rex Woodhouse of Spanish Fork.

Woodhouse and Olsen will work together to close the cities' existing landfill and to negotiate contracts with Provo.

Council members also discussed encouraging residents to recycle newspapers. "That would keep a lot of tonnage out of the garbage and would lower costs to our cities," Olsen said.

Council members also discussed asking residents to recycle bottles but could not determine if there is a local glass recycler to take the business.

The Springville City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to join Provo's Bayview landfill on the condition Springville have proper representation on the planning board.

Councilman Loren Phillips raised concerns over how much up-front money Provo would require, how Springville would raise that amount and how much garbage bills would have to increase to pay for the project.

Springville officials said they will try to get more information before the next council meeting, Dec. 20. They also suggested Springville residents with questions about the project attend that meeting.