Davis County on Monday handed over a check for $321,316 and became sole owner of Valley View Golf Course.

The County Commission approved a proposal to buy out Layton City, the county's former partner in the course's development and operation.Layton and the county, using a combination of local and federal funds, built the course in 1974 and operated it in a partnership since then. Layton retained a one-third share and the county a two-thirds share.

The partnership was not always a happy one, with the course running up a $500,000 operating deficit until it began to show a profit in recent years.

But making money - the course made about $50,000 last year - only caused new areas of friction between the partners. The county felt profits should be retained to make up for the long-standing deficit before being divided but Layton wanted a share of the money.

So, County Commissioner William Peters said, the county decided to exercise its option in the joint operating contract to buy out Layton's share.

After several months of what Peters called amiable negotiating, the $321,316 figure was agreed upon and the county is taking over the course's operation. The money will come from the county's enterprise fund that is used to operate the course.

Peters said the county is planning several improvements on the course over the next couple of years and is working to attract a national tournament in the 1990s.

Valley View is rated as one of the top 75 municipally-owned golf courses in the country by a national golf association and Peters said the county wants to capitalize on that.

Remodeling plans include some work on the clubhouse, new holding ponds on the course to store irrigation water for the greens and fairway, and reconstruction of the seventh hole.

Part of its buyout agreement with Layton includes a land swap, Peters said, giving the city some property for road construction. To accommodate that, the seventh hole will be moved, a project Peters estimated will cost about $45,000 and take two years.