Two Ogden accounting firms will be paid up to $10,000 to perform internal audits of Davis County government departments in the coming year because the county commissioners say they can't get the county auditor to do the work.

The commission this week signed contracts with the two firms after announcing Oct. 26 they would seek bids for the work.The announcement was the latest skirmish in a long-running battle between the commission and Auditor Ruth Kennington, with the commission saying Kennington has not performed her job and Kennington saying the commission has stripped her office of the personnel she needs.

The commission contracted with the firms of Crane, Davis, Johnson and Christensen and Crouch and Wood for auditing and financial services up to $10,000 each for 1989.

One company will audit departments that receive federal funds, and the other will do internal audits of departments funded with county and state money, the commissioners announced.

Kennington opposed the outside audits, saying with the proper personnel and access her department could do the work, but she was not at Monday's commission meeting when the contracts were signed.