A West Valley woman and a Bountiful man have filed suit against the West Valley Police Department in an action stemming from a disturbance at Bonneville Raceway on May 28.

The U.S. District Court suit by Tresa Allman and Randy Jacobs says they were spectators at the raceway, 6555 W. 21st South, when officers decided to terminate the race and close the facilities.To leave, they had to find a relative who was attending with them. As they were walking toward the area where they expected to find the family member, the suit says, a dog that seemed to be controlled by an officer attacked a woman in the crowd.

"The scene was startling to plaintiffs, and they stopped as they passed . . . to see what was happening," the suit says.

It says that, without provocation, a West Valley officer punched Allman in her left eye, "knocking her off her feet and into the arms of a stranger standing behind her."

The suit further contends that the officer then attacked Jacobs with his clubbed him in the stomach and the face, breaking three teeth.

Allman has blurred vision, swelling and bruising and her cornea was abraded, the suit says. It said Jacobs has a fracture and probable nerve damage to his teeth, which caused "excruciating physical as well as mental pain."

The suit requests $15,000 damages for each plus payment of medical expenses.