When Debbie Dahl, North Salt Lake, went to work for the Utah Historical Society 10 years ago she never dreamed she would be running a bookstore, but that's how things worked out.

Dahl started as a secretary for the Historical Society when it was housed in the Crane Building at the southwest corner of Third West and Second South. When the society moved to the old Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Station at 300 Rio Grande St. in 1981 it opened a bookstore at the west side of the station and society officials asked Dahl to work there.Through the years, she says, she has learned to love her job in the bookstore and gift shop and enjoys waiting on customers and answering questions, ordering merchandise and making attractive displays and book arrangements. On July 29th, the society moved its store to the east side of the building and expanded the store's line merchandice.

The bookstore is open weekday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. When Dahl isn't there, two volunteers, Russell R. Neilan and Laura Byrne, are.

Dahl said she enjoys Utah history, especially reading about prehistoric times, and she and her husband, Mike, and their two children, Kacee, 5, and Jenna, 2, like to drive around Utah sightseeing.