One of Gov. Norm Bangerter's main fund-raising events of the year the Governor's Ball was a success, his campaign manager said Monday.

Dave Buhler said about 1,400 people attended the dinner at the Little America Hotel on Saturday night."I think we'll net between $80,000 and $100,000," said Buhler.

Some question had been raised if Jon Huntsman's entry into the GOP governor's race might harm Bangerter's fund raising. But Buhler said no.

"We were sold out before his (Huntsman's) entry and then we had to add three or four more tables (after Huntsman's announcement) because more wanted to come."

Buhler said more people attended the ball than did in 1987 or 1986. "I think we had a bigger turnout in 1985, but that was our first year, the first time a Republican governor held a ball in 20 years, so there were a lot who had never attended and wanted to come."

Those who purchased a whole table at the ball or who had given $2,000 to Bangerter's re-election campaign got tickets to a reception before the dinner. Since Huntsman had given Bangerter $5,000 before he decided to challenge the governor, he got two tickets to the reception, said Buhler. "I didn't see him there, but that doesn't surprise me," he joked.