The Provo Seventh-day Adventists will continue their annual solicitation for funds, better known as Harvest Ingathering, through Dec. 10.

Each year the program benefits more than 13 million people around the world who receive help through Adventist Community Services and the health and education institutions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. For more than 75 years,these services have been made possible, in part, through donations received by the community fund-raising efforts of local church members.The total donations received in North America during 1987 were approximately $8 million. Of this, 55 percent was contributed by members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and 45 percent by the general public. Nearly half of the funds went to medical, educational and community service projects in developing nations. The remaining funds supported projects such as health screening vans, inner-city projects, camps for underprivileged children, state and local community service programs and well as church-operated schools.

Recent service projects in the area have included food baskets to needy families, transient assistance and health-related seminars in the community.

Door-to-door and business solicitation is under way in selected areas in Provo, Orem and Springville. Volunteers will be identified with badges or cards and will have literature that explains how donations in previous years have been spent.