Patient and visitor parking at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center should be easier to find, thanks to the willingness of employees to park farther away and walk to work.

UVRMC recently added a paved parking lot for employees near the old Sambo's building, 1230 N. Second West, and has limited employee parking in lots directly north and south of the hospital. However, parking has been provided closer to the hospital for employees who have worked for UVRMC for 15 years or more."The complaint that is most often voiced by people using our services here at Utah Valley doesn't have to do with the care given," said Connie Polve, a nurse and chairperson of the Guest Relations Committee. "The complaint we hear most often has to do with the fact that our patients and visitors can't find parking. And if they can't find parking they are going to get fed up and avoid using our services, which in the long run will hurt us as employees."

The committee studied the parking problem at the hospital for more than a year.

"We have many people who come here that can't breathe properly, walk, are involved in labor or are sick. We can't expect them to walk as far as some of them are being forced to just because we got here first with our vehicles."

Polve said UVRMC's long-range plans include construction of a terraced parking lot, but that project is not affordable yet.