Homeless shelter officials and Wells Fargo Armored Service Corp. are near an agreement that could result in a new facility for homeless women next to the city's recently-dedicated homeless men and family shelter, an official said.

"We have come to an agreement, but we are waiting for final word from their (Wells Fargo's) parent company," said Stephen Holbrook, coordinator for the Greater Salt Lake Area Shelter the Homeless Committee.Last month, community leaders dedicated the Salt Lake Community Shelter and Resource Center for homeless men and families at 210 S. Rio Grande St. The women's facility would occupy space adjacent to the new shelter, he said.

Shelter the Homeless owns the warehouse occupied in part by the shelter and leases 12,000 square feet to Wells Fargo under a lease that now lasts into 1991, Holbrook said.

The parties are negotiating an end to Wells Fargo's lease by May, 1989, so that the committee could begin renovating the facility for use as a women's shelter.

Locating the women's shelter with the men's and family shelter will allow cost savings and other efficiencies, Holbrook said. "They'll be able to do more sharing of security staff . . . so they will be an extra savings in staff."

Additionally, clients in the shelter will have easy access to commonly located services - such as medical treatment, social work counselors and mental health treatment - all near the men and family shelter, Holbrook said.

The committee already owns the warehouse and, under the agreement, would give up the $2,600 in monthly rent from Wells Fargo. Renovation would cost an estimated $400,000, Holbrook said.

"If it stays in that ballpark," he said, "we have the funds within our $4 million that we've already raised (for the men and family shelter)."

The decision to locate the shelter next to the new homeless facility was the result of an "exhaustive search" for a venue by the committee and the University of Utah Graduate School of Architecture, Holbrook said.

Safety concerns are presented by the proposed proximityof the women's shelter to the men's shelter, Holbrook said. But extra security precautions will be taken, he said.