The grandson of Soviet revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky has been given permission to visit the Soviet Union for the first time in 57 years because the sister he hasn't seen since he was 5 is dying of cancer.

"Things are much more open in Russia now. It's all part of (Soviet leader Mikhail) Gorbachev's policy, I'm sure," Esteban Volkow Bronstein said in a Tuesday night interview with The Associated Press.Volkow said he has already been granted a visa to visit Alexandra Zakharonavna, his half-sister and Trotsky's granddaughter, in Moscow.

Volkow was living with Trotsky in Mexico City when the former head of the Red Army was assassinated on Josef Stalin's orders on Aug. 20, 1940. Volkow was only 14 at the time but still remembers finding Trotsky on the floor, dying from serious head wounds.