A Colorado woman who last October became the University Hospital's second heart-lung transplant recipient died Monday of organ failure, officials said.

Mary L'Argent died at 11:50 a.m. MDT of complications related to kidney and liver failure, said hospital spokeswoman Anne Brillinger.L'Argent, 35, Montrose, Colo., underwent transplant surgery Oct. 8. She had been awaiting suitable donor organs for nearly 20 months before the operation, Brilliger said.

L'Argent is survived by her husband, Neil, and 8-year-old son, Mark.

The university's first heart-lung transplant recipient was Karen Green. She died June 15, 1987, 141 days after receiving the new organs.

James McNamara, director of social work for the hospital, said L'Argent's fight for life was a portrait in courage.

"Mary had that incredible will to live that people talk about. Although she was unable to leave her hospital room for nearly two years because of her need for oxygen, she was always a positive and hopeful person," he said.

L'Argent had been hospitalized for 662 days - just two months short of two years - including the time spent awaiting donor organs and 59 days with the donor organs.