Q. I'd like to know who plays Rita on "The Heights" and all about her. Where can I write her? - D.B., Orange, Calif.

      A. Cheryl Pollak is Rita. She's 24, born in Scottsdale, Ariz., grew up in Greenville, Texas, got her start in a jeans commercial and then did minor roles in the movies "My Best Friend Is a Vampire" and "Date With an Angel." Her big break was in the 1990 feature "Pump Up the Volume." She's also done the TV series "Hull High" and the TV movie "The Marla Hansen Story." Write: Fox Broadcasting Co., P.O. Box 900, Beverly Hills, CA 90213.Q. Give some information on Brad Pitt. I loved him in "Thelma and Louise." - L.S., Wichita Hills, Texas.

      A. William Bradley Pitt was born in Oklahoma, Dec. 18, 1965, and raised in Springfield, Mo. He studied journalism at the University of Missouri but gave it up for acting. He landed a small part in "Dallas" in 1986. He also did the daytime soap "Another World." He did several minor movies before making audiences take note as the hitchhiker in "Thelma and Louise." His latest film is "A River Runs Through It," and his current significant other is Juliette Lewis ("Cape Fear").

      Q. I have followed PBS's "Masterpiece Theater" for at least 15 years. Give me some information on the narrator Alistair Cooke. Where can I write to him to express my thanks for his literate contributions. - C.M., Norfolk, Va.

      A. As "Masterpiece" marks its 20th anniversary, Cooke, who has hosted the anthology since its beginning, will be saying goodbye. He announced that this would be his last season. At 84, he wants to slow down and will concentrate on his writing and radio commentaries for Britain's BBC. Cooke, born in Manchester, England, came to the United States in 1932 as a student, moved here in 1937 and is an American citizen. He has reported on the United States for British newspapers, radio and TV and has written two books, "Alistair Cooke's America" and "America Observed." He also wrote a biography about silent movie actor Douglas Fairbanks. Write: WGBH-TV, 125 Western Ave., Boston, MA 02134.

      Q. What show did Clint Walker star in? Who played Wyatt Earp? - H., Detroit, Mich.

      A. Clint Walker was best known as "Cheyenne," seen 1955-63, but he also did "Kodiak," 1974-75, and "Centennial," 1978. Hugh O'Brian was Wyatt Earp in "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp," 1955-61.

      Q. We know Doris Day starred in the movie "Please Don't Eat the Daisies," but who starred in the TV series? Was it Day? What was the TV show in which Doris Day starred with Denver Pyle? - P.H., Macon, Ga.

      A. Pyle was with Day in the first two versions of "The Doris Day Show," seen 1968-73. (There were two more tries to find a format that would work for Day. The fourth lasted two seasons before Day called it quits.) Pat Crowley starred in the 1965-67 TV version of "Daisies."

      Q. A few nights ago I saw the movie "Manhunt" with Walter Pidgeon and Joan Bennett. Tell me if she's still living and some background. - H.L., Blassdell, N.Y.

      A. Bennett, who died at 80 in 1990, was the daughter of actor Richard Bennett and sister of actresses Constance and Barbara Bennett. She had a long movie career, from 1916 to 1977, and starred in the daytime version of "Dark Shadows" in the 1970s. In 1938 for a plot line in the movie "Trade Winds," Bennett dyed her natural blonde hair brunette. It made her look like Hedy Lamarr, and she never went back to blonde.

      Q. Tell me the name of the movie in which Howard Keel sang "You Will Never Walk Alone" and if it is on tape. - J.P.L., Eastman, Ga.

      A. You may have heard Keel sing "You'll Never Walk Alone" from Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Carousel." It's a great show piece for baritones, but it wasn't in the movie. It's available on tape and laserdisc.

      Q. Give me some background on my old favorite, Clark Gable: when he was born, when he died and his first and last movies. - L.K., Philadelphia.

      A. William Clark Gable was born in 1901, died in 1961. He was an extra in several movies in 1924 but made his real debut in "The Painted Desert" in 1931. "The Misfits" with Marilyn Monroe in 1961 was his last movie.

      Q. My son and I recently saw "Walking Tall." He says I'm wrong that Joe Don Baker did only the first movie and others did the rest. - D.C., Des Moines, Iowa.

      A. You're right. After Baker did the original 1973 movie, two other actors played Buford Pusser, the Southern sheriff who dispensed justice with a baseball bat. Bo Svenson was Pusser in two features, 1975's "Walking Tall: Part Two" and 1977's "Walking Tall: The Final Chapter." TV got into the act with Brian Dennehy as Pusser in 1978's "A Real American Hero," followed in 1981 by a short-lived TV series with Svenson again in the part.

      Q. Not much is heard about Clint Ritchie of "One Life to Live." How about some information? - H.B., Cleveland, Ohio.

      A. Ritchie's from Grafton, N.D., left home at 16 for California. After doing odd jobs, he migrated to Hollywood and studied acting. He did some TV, then a stage appearance netted him a movie contract and he had small roles in "Patton," "Bandolero" and "A Force of One." In 1979, he went to New York, where he joined "OLTL." He's in his mid-30s, single.

      Q. I've watched "The Guiding Light" for years. I know the actress who plays Holly came back after several years. But I'm betting another actress came before her in the role. - N.V., Tampa, Fla.

      A. Right. Lynn Deerfield created the role of Holly in 1970, then left in 1976 when Maureen Garrett took over. She was Holly until 1981. She did a stint on "Ryan's Hope" and returned to "GL" in 1989.

      Q. I really admire Billy Warlock of "Baywatch" and "The Hat Squad." Give some information on him: age, marital status. Also, where can I write? - S.C., Philadelphia.

      A. Warlock, 32 on March 26, is the son of Holywood stuntman Dick Warlock and got his start as stunt double for Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy." He made his acting debut in an episode of "California Fever" and had his first series role in "Happy Days." He was a regular on the soaps "Capitol" and "Days of Our Lives" and picked up a 1988 Daytime Emmy Award for Frankie in "DOOL." Write: CBS-TV, 7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036.

      Q. Tell me what's happened to Stuart Damon, who played the Prince in "Cinderella." - P.K., Pittsford, Mich.

      A. Not long after the 1965 "Cinderella," Damon went to England where he did a short-lived series, "The Champions." He married an English woman and decided to stay. For 12 years, he did British TV and theater. After his return to the United States in 1977, he joined the soap opera "General Hospital" where's he's been playing Dr. Alan Quartermaine ever since.

      Q. My sister bet me that Dolly Parton sings the theme song for the new series "Delta." I say she doesn't. - M.S., Philadelphia.

      A. That's Reba McEntire singing "Climb That Mountain High." She co-wrote it with Don Schlitz. Delta Burke, who plays a country singer wannabe in the show, does her own singing.

      Q. My brother-in-law loves Delta Burke and he would like to write to her. I'd like to give him her address for his birthday. - M.P.S., Kendall Park, N.J.

      A. Write Burke: Universal TV, Universal City, CA 91608.

      Q. My husband has been asking for a "Late Night With David Letterman" T-shirt. Do they make one? It would really shock him if I could get him one for Christmas. - M.S., Tulsa, Okla.

      A. NBC is into merchandising and has company stores on each coast. For a catalog write: NBC Enterprises, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020.

      Q. A few years ago Kris Kristofferson starred in a TV movie about the takeover of the United States by the Soviet Union. Tell me the title and where I can get the tape. - R.E., Brighton, Mich.

      A. It was the 1986 miniseries "Amerika" about the United States 10 years after a Soviet takeover. It isn't listed on tape.

      Q. What has happened to Travis, the assistant on "WKRP"? I bet my son-in-law he's dead. - L.R., Columbus, Ga.

      A. Gary Sandy, who played Andy Travis on the original "WKRP in Cincinnati," quit acting for a time. Most recently has been working in regional and summer theater.

      Q. Give me the address of producers Henry Winkler and John Ford. It's important. - Mrs. G.S., Dearborn, Mich.

      A. Winkler's producing partner is John Rich. Write them: Paramount, 5555 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038-3197.

      Q. Tell me who cleans the house for a week. My husband says that's Ted Danson's real hair. I say it isn't. - P.A.P., Buffalo, N.Y.

      A. Hand him the dust mop. Danson's even appeared on TV minus his rug.

      Q. Are these two people the same: Father Guido, who used to guest on the Johnny Carson show, and Pat Harrington? My wife insists they are. - J.R., Phoenix.

      A. Father Guido Sarducci is the creation of comedian Don Novello; actor/comedian Pat Harrington Jr. came up with golf pro Guido Panzini, a routine he did for Steve Allen and Jack Paar. He's best known for his Emmy-winning work as building superintendent Schneider in "One Day at a Time."

      Q. Our VFW post has come up with a controversy. When did "The Fugitive" run the first time? Some say the 1950s, some the 1960s, a few insist on the 1970s. - L.C.P., Dyer, Ind.

      A. "The Fugitive" was first run on ABC, 1963-1967.

      Q. What are the ages of Valerie Bertinelli and MacKenzie Phillips? - C.K., Tinley Park, Ill.

      A. The "One Day at a Time" co-stars are not quite a year apart: Phillips was born Nov. 10, 1959; Bertinelli, April 23, 1960.

      Q. My husband and I tried to remember the names of the animals called "The Banana Splits" in a 1980s series. - E.H., Clementon, N.J.

      A. The Splits were in a Saturday morning cartoon originally seen way back, 1968-70. Their names: Drooper, Snorky, Bingo and Fleegle.

      Q. You said Mary McDonnell, of the movie "Dances With Wolves," did only one TV series, "E/R." WRONG. She grew up on TV as Erin Walton. - Knows Better, Akron, Ohio.

      A. Wrong. Mary Elizabeth McDonough was Erin Walton of "The Waltons."

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