The Salt Lake City-County Health Department is asking parents to help identify children who may have measles.

Two cases of measles have been reported at a south Salt Lake Valley elementary school during the past two weeks, and the department is warning that the disease is serious and can have disastrous complications."When measles attacks children in our community, every effort is made to prevent its spread," said Dan Kinnersley, the department's director of health education.

Children who have a cough, runny nose, watery eyes, fever as high as 104 degrees and a rash lasting one to two weeks may be suffering from the disease.

"If a child shows any signs of measles, keep him or her isolated at home," Kinnersley said. "Above all, do not take the child to school, church meetings, nurseries, shopping, to movies or any similar social gathering."

If a child is suspected of having measles or has been exposed to the illness, phone the family physician or the health department's Communicable Disease Section at 468-2842 for more information and recommendations.