Southern Utah State College will ask the 1989 Legislature for $36,000 to fund planning studies for a new multimillion-dollar library, officials say.

A recent state-commissioned study presented to the State Board of Regents, recommended nine building projects for the higher education system's library network, at a total cost of $73 million. The top priority was a new library at Salt Lake Community College.A SUSC library was named as one of eight other critical building needs. The cost of such a facility was estimated at $9.1 million.

The library collection at SUSC is already inadequate and will fall even shorter of school's needs without more funding. But consultants also said "the existing building cannot be satisfactorily enlarged to meet future needs," said SUSC spokesman Jim Robinson.

The study recommended a 60,000-square-foot library be built.Another recommendation was that book acquisition be increased.

"The study indicates that the existing SUSC collection is 134,900 volumes," said Robinson. "The minimum recommended - based on a formula that weights enrollment, faculty size and number and types of degrees offered - is 177,375 volumes."