A group of arms protesters is putting U.S. Army claims of openness to the test.

Downwinders recently filed a Freedom of Information Act request for a list of all chemical and biologic arms tests at the Army's Dugway Proving Ground since 1951 and access to all unclassified documents generated by them.During recent hearings on a proposed germ warfare defenses lab at Dugway, Army spokesmen said records of all tests conducted there since 1980 are available for public review. The Army in 1977 had also released a list of what it said was all tests conducted up to that time.

"The Army has been bragging about its openness about Dugway operations. We want them to put their documents where their mouth is," said Downwinders spokesman Steve Erickson.

Downwinders Director Preston Truman added, "We want to see the whole record of Dugway. . . . We are prepared to dig until we get to the bottom of Dugway's dirty laundry hamper."