Heisman Trophy winners are supposed to need national television exposure, and Barry Sanders didn't have it.

Heisman Trophy winners are supposed to be seniors, and Barry Sanders is only a junior.Heisman Trophy winners are supposed to come from national powerhouses, and Barry Sanders' team was no better than third in its own conference.

The Heisman Trophy is supposed to be coveted, a sure-fire negotiating chip when it comes time for a pro contract, and Barry Sanders professes not to even want it all that much.

So who will win the Heisman Trophy today at New York's Downtown Athletic Club?

Probably Barry Sanders, from the windy prairie of Stillwater, Okla., where an evening at Eskimo Joe's beer joint is the rage.

It's Sanders vs. the glitz and neon glitter of Hollywood.

And it's no contest.

Hollywood probably loses.

Actually, Los Angeles is the loser, but why quibble. The Hollywood hills are visible from L.A. unless they're covered by smog.

Or is that prairie dust kicked up by Sanders' swift heels?

The Oklahoma State tailback, whose record-smashing performances offset a lack of television exposure, is expected to beat four of the nation's top quarterbacks for the Heisman.

If he wins, he would be the eighth junior to do so.

Sanders played second team behind All-American Thurman Thomas for two years at a school that plays second fiddle football-wise in its own state to Oklahoma.

The Heisman announcement is expected around 3:50 p.m., MST, toward the end of a CBS-TV special that will follow the network's telecast of the Army-Navy game.