An 11-year-old boy was treated Saturday for injuries suffered from an accidental discharge of a shotgun, police said.

The boy was not shot but was injured when the butt of the shotgun he was holding kicked back during the discharge and hit him in the jaw, said Salt Lake County Deputy Sheriff Jeff Williams. The boy received a welt on his eye and bruised his jaw. He was hit so hard the butt plate of the gun broke, Williams said.The boy was treated and released from Cottonwood Hospital, according to a nursing supervisor.

Williams said the boy was in a normally locked room in his southwest Salt Lake County house, where his father keeps guns. The boy said a shotgun fell on the ground and it discharged shortly after he picked it up. "He blew a nice hole in the floor," Williams said, adding that the boy was very lucky not to have been shot and undoubtedly learned an important lesson about guns.