The budgets of four cities will be audited to see whether they comply with a law requiring that money raised through a state beer tax be spent on the arrest and treatment of drunken drivers, Legislative Auditor General Wayne Welsh says.

A legislative management audit subcommittee Wednesday authorized performance audits of Cedar City, Orem, South Ogden and Salt Lake City. The audits were sought by the Citizens Council on Alcoholic Beverage Control.Council members were told in March that various local law enforcement authorities have complained that they have not been receiving the tax money. Earlier this month, the council selected four cities to check for compliance with the law.

The measure, passed in 1983 by Utah lawmakers bent on drunken-driving reforms, imposed a 31/3-cent tax on each 12-ounce container of beer sold in the state and mandated that the money raised be allocated among cities and counties for alcohol-related programs.