Wearing a baseball cap bearing the name of the motion picture "Top Gun" could be dangerous - especially if you're a middle-aged man with graying hair.

A man wearing just such a hat has robbed 14 Salt Lake-area businesses during the past several weeks. Now nicknamed Top Gun, the robber is the subject of an intense interagency police search.There has been no official request by police, but owners of Top Gun hats might save themselves some trouble by not wearing them until police catch up with the robber, said Sandy Detective Mike Eldredge.

Notoriety about the Top Gun robber has made him the primary topic of weekly police interagency robbery meetings and the subject of numerous tips from people who believe they have seen the robber - or at least his hat.

West Valley police questioned a man early Tuesday morning who unnerved employees of a convenience store when he entered the store wearing a Top Gun hat, said Sgt. Tom McLachlan.

Midvale police arrested a man and booked him into jail on unrelated warrants Saturday after someone saw him in a restaurant on State Street - also wearing a Top Gun hat.

"We are being overwhelmed by calls. We are trying to whittle them down as best we can," said Sandy Detective Gary Vincent.

"Most of the time somebody has seen a middle-aged guy in a Top Gun hat and they assume that could be him. We're hunting down a lot of those," Eldredge said.

The robber is described as an overweight man, about 50 years old with graying hair. He has entered small businesses and fast food restaurants between 3 and 6 p.m. and demanded money from store clerks while displaying a small, automatic handgun. He then orders the clerk into a back room or restroom and tells them to count to 100 before coming out.