The Atlantis astronauts, appropriately awakened by the theme from "Star Wars," worked through their fourth day in orbit Monday with no word from NASA on when the hush-hush military mission might end.

The shuttle's five astronauts, sources said, are thought to have deployed a high-tech radar reconnaissance satellite over the weekend, but with a total news blackout in effect, the status of the cargo, the all-military crew members and the orbiter was not known with certainty.Circling the globe every 92 minutes, the crew had put more than 1 million miles on Atlantis by Monday morning. NASA promised to reveal the ship's landing time 24 hours in advance, but there was no immediate word on a possible Tuesday re-entry.

In keeping with the clandestine nature of the flight, NASA steadfastly stuck to a "no comment" policy regarding operational details about the 27th shuttle mission.

But mission controllers, apparently poking good-natured fun at the secrecy of the flight, awakened the crew Monday with the theme music from the movie "Star Wars."