A former Farm Bureau Insurance agent has been sentenced to serve up to 18 months in state prison for defrauding insurance-policy holders of $140,000.

      Lori Ann Anderson, 30, North Logan, was originally charged with 92 counts of felony theft, forgery and communications fraud and three counts of misdemeanor theft.In a plea bargain last month, 67 counts were dropped and Anderson pleaded guilty to 27 felony counts and one misdemeanor - one count for each of the victims.

      Defense attorney Doug Brady urged 1st District Judge Gordon Low on Monday to be lenient because Anderson is the mother of six, including 11/2-year-old triplets.

      He urged the judge to allow Anderson to serve weekend time in the Cache County Jail.

      Deputy Cache County Attorney Patrick Nolan recommended a prison sentence, saying the crimes were deliberate, taking place over almost five years. He said the insurance company has had to repay the victims and Anderson has paid no restitution.

      Nolan said Anderson has a history of someone covering for her, such as when she embezzled from a previous employer and made unauthorized charges on another person's credit card.

      The judge told Anderson he was particularly disturbed that "you went to great lengths to cover up the crimes over a long period of time."

      Low said he would leave it up the Board of Pardons to determine restitution.