A lawyer for a couple who believe a 10-year-old Sarasota girl is their daughter said Friday that he has medical records to support their claim, and a judge gave the couple permission to get more records.

Regina and Ernest Twigg maintain their daughter was switched after birth in Hardee Memorial Hospital with a sickly child and that records were altered to hide the swap.The Twiggs of Langhorne, Pa., named the baby they took home Arlena and raised her until her death in August from heart disease. Just before she died they learned through genetic tests that Arlena was not their biological daughter. Her B-positive blood type didn't match their Type O.

Kimberly Mays was the only other white girl born at the same time at Hardee Memorial. Her mother died soon after brith. The girl has been raised by her father, Robert, a Sarasota roofing supply salesman who is fighting efforts by the Twiggs to challenge parentage.

Attorney John Blakely made only passing reference to the medical records at a hearing.

But outside the courthouse, he said he had documents from Hardee Memorial showing Barbara Mays had Type B blood and the child she bore was B-positive. The baby also was born with fetal stress and bluish extremities, conditions consistent with heart problems, Blakely said.

"Everything in the records indicates we are correct in assuming Mrs. Mays delivered Arlena Twigg," Blakely said. "Hospital records indicate Mrs. Twigg delivered a baby with O-positive."

Blakely doesn't know yet Kimberly's blood type.

However, Circuit Judge Andy Owen granted the Twiggs' motions for hospital medical records on Kimberly's birth and Mrs. Mays' pregnancy and delivery, and the results, if any, of any genetic testing that has been done.