A $500,000 national drive to fight drug use by youths has been launched by Action, a federal domestic volunteer agency, which announced the availability of money for demonstration grants averaging $30,000.

"Action is making a vigorous effort to combat the tragedy of drug use among America's young," said Donna M. Alvarado, director. "The combination of parent groups, informed citizenry and volunteer initiatives can make a real difference in our ongoing battle against substance abuse. Our efforts are aimed at helping youths at risk `just say no' to drug use or overcome present addictions."Grant consideration will be given to proposals that use volunteers by:

Employing a statewide parent network to develop or expand existing local volunteer parent programs.

Mobilizing and coordinating low-income community parents and youth groups, community organizations, businesses, religious institutions and local government agencies into effective prevention networks.

Developing or expanding public-housing-focused drug-prevention programs operated by tenant/parent groups, organizations with parent components or public housing authorities.

Action anticipates award grants averaging $30,000, but not exceeding $50,000. The deadline for applications is 5 p.m. April 27. Applications are available through Action state offices. For more information, contact David Gurr, Action, Program Demonstration and Development, Room 513, Washington, D.C. 20525.