Shareholders of Questronics Inc., a Salt Lake-based company that designs, manufactures and maintains computer-network performance-monitoring equipment, have voted to merge the company into a subsidiary of Globesat Holding Corp., Logan.

The merger is in exchange for 4.2 million common shares of Globesat, a publicly held company that develops video image compression technology and performs satellite research and development through its wholly owned subsidiaries, IComp Inc. and Globesat Inc.Questronics will manufacture video image compression products developed by IComp in addition to its own computer network monitoring product line at the 3570 S. West Temple plant.

In connection with the merger, D. Kent Backman, former president and chairman of Questronics Inc., has been elected president of Globesat Inc. and a director of Globesat Holding Corp. Jerrold Foote, former vice president of manufacturing for Questronics, has been elected president and chairman of Globesat-Questronics Inc. and a director of Globesat Holding Inc.

L. Rex Megill continues as president of Globesat Holding Corp. and president of IComp Inc.