CBS hit a grand slam with the World Series.

      The final four games in the fall classic between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Atlanta Braves earned spots in the top 10 last week, according to ratings released by the A.C. Nielsen Co.In overall network figures, CBS far outpaced its competition with a 17.1 average rating. NBC and ABC tied for a distant second with 11.3 each. Fox Broadcasting Co., with 12 hours of prime-time programming, earned a 7.7.

      Each ratings point represents 921,000 homes.

      Saturday's World Series game, in which the Toronto Blue Jays wrapped up the series in the sixth game by edging the Braves 4-3 in 11 innings, placed second for the week and was the highest-ranking game broadcast. Games 1 and 2 were broadcast the previous ratings week.

      The most-watched television program was CBS' "60 Minutes," which featured Ross Perot claiming that the real reason he temporarily dropped out of the presidential race this summer was because political dirty tricks had been threatened against his daughter.

      In third place was Thursday's World Series game and in fourth was Tuesday's game.

      ABC's usually top-ranked comedy series "Roseanne" fell to fifth place, ahead of Wednesday's World Series match-up.

      In the news wars, ABC was first with a 10.3 average, NBC second with 8.9 and CBS last with 8.5.

      Here are the top 20 shows, their network and rating: 1. "60 Minutes," CBS, 24.7; 2. "World Series Game 6," CBS, 22.7; 3. "World Series Game 5," CBS, 21.6; 4. "World Series Game 3," 20.8; 5. "Roseanne," ABC, 20.2; 6. "World Series Game 4," CBS, 18.9; 7. "Murphy Brown," CBS, 18; 8. "Coach," ABC, 17; 9. "20/20," ABC, 16.8; 10. "Love & War," CBS, 16.6; 11. "'92 Vote: Analysis," ABC, 16.5; 12. "Home Improvement," ABC, 16.4; 13. "Northern Exposure," CBS, 16.2; 14. "Full House," ABC, 16.0; 15. "Jewels," Part 2 - "NBC Movie of the Week," 15.6; 16. "Monday Night Football," ABC, 15.2; 17. "Decision '92: Analysis-Mon.," NBC, 15.0; 18. "Unsolved Mysteries," NBC, 14.9; 19. (tie) "Cheers," NBC, and "Evening Shade," CBS, 14.7.