Utah Transit Authority passengers catching buses on the Brigham Young University campus will no longer have to "brave the storms" now that customized waiting shelters are being installed.

The shelters, designed by the BYU planning and architecture department, will accommodate the large volume of passengers served by the three bus stops on campus.Two of the shelters will be at the Wilkinson Center, one on each side of Campus Drive at about 11th North. The third shelter will be near the Missionary Training Center, on the east side of the street at the intersection of Ninth East and Templeview Drive.

The shelters will protect the passengers with a roof and walls on three sides. They will offer seating for about two dozen people with standing room for several more.

However, the shelter on the east side of Campus Drive at the Wilkinson Center will feature one low wall at the rear in order to provide high visibility and facilitate pedestrian access from all directions.

The shelters include interior lighting for nighttime security, schedule display cases, planters for flowers and shrubs and high visibility between waiting passengers and approaching buses. They were designed to be safe, functional, relatively maintenance-free and also compatible with the campus architectural environment.

Construction began earlier this month and is scheduled to be completed by the first week in January.