The low water level in the Provo River isn't all that bad, the city has found out.

After years of waiting to install a water pipe underground, the city was finally able to do so several weeks ago when water levels were at their lowest in Provo River.The waterline, suspended across the river from spring boxes in the Nunn's area, was suspect to pounding water during high levels and to area slides. Both situations would occasionally cause the line to break, Mayor Joe Jenkins said.

But during a Bureau of Land Management study when the river was lowered to 40 cubic feet per second, the city decided it was time to bury the line under the river.

"It was a one-time advantage," Jenkins said."We saved a lot of money and may never have had another opportunity to do it."

The funds for the work came from the city's water sales. The City Council will officially appropriate $30,000 in the water maintenance fund for costs of burying the pipe, at next week's council meeting.