A jail being built for Jacksonville will cost an extra $1.5 million to add the doors that were not included in the initial blueprints.

There was no question Jacksonville and Duval County needed a new jail, and there was not much haggling over the construction price of $34 million. The problem arose when it was discovered the jail had 195 cells - and no doors."I thought when we voted to go ahead with the jail that it would come complete with doors," City Councilman Matt Carlucci said after it was discovered the council overlooked that factor in approving the contract.

Michael Berg, the city-county director of jails and prisons, said Saturday he was not sure how the mistake - discovered after the contract was signed - had occurred but said enough money remained to install the missing 195 sliding cell doors.

Berg said the doors, along with some other fixtures left out of the original plans, will cost about $1.5 million to install and that there is $2 million in a cost overrun fund to take care of the expense.