President Bush congratulated the Toronto Blue Jays for winning the World Series and invited them to the White House to celebrate.

      Bush called manager Cito Gaston from Air Force One on Sunday en route to a campaign stop and told him "America is proud of you.""That team has a lot of American kids on it," said Bush, who had made no secret of the fact that he was pulling for the Atlanta Braves on the campaign trail. "It's America's pastime, and we salute whoever wins."

      Meanwhile, in Grand Rapids, Mich., Bill Clinton wondered about Otis Nixon's failed bunt attempt that ended the game.

      "Why do you think they told Nixon to bunt?" Clinton asked. "I believe if I were going down in the World Series, I'd want to go down swinging."

      While Clinton watched the exciting finish, Bush was sleeping.

      "I got to the ninth inning," Bush said. "And then I fell sound asleep with the set on. When I woke up early this morning, why, she (Barbara) told me that the Jays had won it."