The Salt Lake post office can't be accused of having an insufficient amount of brotherly love, especially when it comes to the Chaus brothers, Bill, Michael, Gus and Steve.

Bill, manager for logistics and distribution systems for the Salt Lake City Division, which includes several Western states in addition to Utah, and Michael, a postal operations specialist, joined the Postal Service in January 1976. Their brother Gus, a tour supervisor, joined in May of 1976, and Steve, the youngest brother, who is a general supervisor, joined in March 1979.They used to work together frequently but work in separate departments now. Still, they see each other practically every day at the city's main postal facility at 1760 W. 21st South and enjoy being together.

All four say they love their work. Bill Chaus said he enjoys traveling to Idaho, Montana and throughout Utah and, occasionally, to California and Washington. Michael said he too enjoys traveling and likes recent changes in the Postal Service that have made it more innovative and progressive. "Local postal divisions have much more autonomy and can make more decisions on a local level," he said.

Gus Chaus said he likes overseeing the work of about 300 mail handlers, sorters, dispatchers, clerks and supervisors and enjoys the challenges of dealing with people. Steve said he likes the career opportunities for advancement in the modern Postal Service.

The four brothers are following in the path of their father, George Chaus. He served as a distribution clerk with the Salt Lake City post office for 34 years before retiring about seven years ago.