In one of Utah's biggest cocaine busts, authorities Wednesday netted 22 kilograms of a mixture containing the illicit drug.

Cocaine was found in a false trunk compartment of a 1982 Lincoln Continental during a routine traffic stop on I-70 at mile post 192, just east of Crescent Junction, Grand County deputy sheriff Curt Brewer said.Utah Highway Patrol troopers and deputy sheriffs from Grand County were conducting driver's license and vehicle registration checks along I-70 when the cocaine was discovered at 1:45 p.m., he said.

Asked to assign a value to the seized cocaine, Steve Lough of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said, "It gets crazy out there," with many agencies using different values. But in wholesale seizures, the DEA rates the value based on the wholesale price of cocaine.

That's $30,000 a kilogram, meaning the drugs may have been worth $660,000 on the wholesale market.

"It's a great seizure," Lough said. "This is one of the largest for sure - it's probably one of the five or six largest we've had."