Three people involved in a heroin and cocaine trafficking case were sentenced Wednesday to terms ranging from five years to 15 years in prison.

U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Green meted out prison terms of 15 years to Lucio Brito, seven years to Jarardo Rico and five years to Federico Mendez. In addition, each man was ordered to serve four years on supervised parole after release.Brito lives in Santa Ana, Calif.; Mendez is from Orange County, Calif., and Rico lives in the Salt Lake area. All pleaded guilty shortly before trial was scheduled.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Wayne Dance said a government informant met Brito in Salt Lake City in October 1987, and Brito sold him cocaine and heroin. Later, he sold more drugs to the informant.

Last summer, the informant spoke by telephone with Brito, who lives in California. The informant said he wanted to buy a large amount of drugs.

Brito agreed to smuggle the heroin and cocaine to Utah. Shortly after they arrived, Brito, Rico and Mendez were arrested.