One of the nation's top psychiatrists resigned from Harvard Medical School's faculty after a student at another school recognized plagiarized passages in the professor's writings dating back 22 years.

Dr. Shervert Frazier, 67, former director of the National Institute of Mental Health, resigned last week as a Harvard professor and head of McLean Hospital, a psychiatric hospital affiliated with the university.Frazier did not dispute the findings of a faculty committee that investigated the allegations but said the plagiarism was inadvertent, according to Dr. S. James Adelstein, dean of academic programs at the medical school.

"He has accepted the evidence of the committee," Adelstein said. "But he has ascribed the events to his method of note-taking and composing papers."

Harvard officials said Monday the plagiarism was spotted by Paul Scatena, a graduate student in cognitive sciences at the University of Rochester.

Scatena said in a telephone interview he read several of Frazier's papers while researching phantom pain, a burning sensation that patients sometimes feel from a limb that has been amputated.

Scatena said he found many incorrect citations in the papers and recognized paragraphs that had been lifted from articles by other researchers. He said he sent the passages to Dr. Daniel C. Tosteson, dean of the Harvard Medical School.