The Brigham Young Unversity basketball team got more excitement than it bargained for when the hotel the Cougars were staying in was evacuated during a fire, Sunday afternoon.

The fire, located on the fourth floor of the Grand Hyatt, sent smoke throughout the ventilation system. At least three BYU players were in the hotel at the time of the evacuation - front-court players Michael Smith, David Wolfe and John Fish. They walked 27 floors down the stairs.Coach Ladell Andersen walked down from the 33rd floor.

Associate Sports Information Director Ralph Zobell said eight fire engines were on the scene. No injuries were reported.

Zobell said after arriving outside, Wolfe and Fish saw a crowd of media members, who wanted to interview guests from the hotel.

Along with the throng of reporters was New York Mayor Ed Koch, who had arrived on the scene. When Koch learned the Cougars were soon to leave for the airport, he arranged for them to be allowed back into the hotel to pick up luggage, and then provided a police escort to JFK Airport.