The phrase "a shot and a beer" took on new meaning Tuesday when a convenience store customer filled the store with lead after the clerk refused to sell him beer.

A man in his early 20s shot five rounds from a small-caliber revolver into two cash registers and other parts of the 7-Eleven at 8000 S. State about 3 a.m. after the clerk told him it was well past the 1 a.m. curfew for beer sales. The clerk suffered a minor laceration on his head when he dove for cover as the armed and already intoxicated customer opened fire, said Midvale Police Capt. Dan Pearson.The clerk crawled to safety in the store's office while the gunman forced open the locked beer cabinet and stole two cases of beer. No arrest has been made.

The suspect is described as Caucasian, medium height and build with dishwater blond hair and light-colored eyes.