What for 49 years has been the home of Provo's reading materials will become the home of modern offices next year.

The City Council passed a resolution Tuesday authorizing the sale of the old library building, First East and Center streets, for $210,000 to three area businessmen.The money will go to the new library, west of the Provo City Complex. The 28,000-square-foot facility is expected to be completed in April.

"This will really give us enough to finish up the landscaping and asphalt," Mayor Joe Jenkins said. "Now we should have enough to finish the library. We would not be able to complete it without the funds."

The city wanted a cash sale so the library could be finished, and that already was figured into the budget, Council Chairman Ron Last said.

The three businessmen - Val Killian, Burke Cloward and Richard Nelson - have worked on other development projects in the city and have experience in building and design.

"They intend to build fancy but good offices in the downtown area," Jenkins said. "It looks like a good group to us. It looks like they will do what we would like done."

Library Director Larry Hortin said, "After 18 years of being here I'm a little excited to move into a building that is 25 percent bigger."

The old library was designed for a community of 17,000, and Provo is now at 80,000, he said. It was remodeled in 1939 but never expanded.

In addition to the cash sale, funds for the new library came from donations, fund-raisers, a federal grant and a bond issue.