Most college football and basketball players regularly miss classes and devote more time in-season to their sports than their studies, according to a report on intercollegiate athletics.

The study found that football and basketball players spend an average of 30 hours a week preparing for and playing in games when their sport is in season, compared to 25 hours preparing for and attending class.The athletes, on average, report missing about two classes per week.

In the off-season, most players still spend an average of 18 hours a week on their sport. They reported 14 hours a week in class and 15 hours preparing for class when their sport is not in season. "I do not believe there are any great surprises in these results," University of Nebraska chancellor Martin Massengale, chairman of the commission, said.

College officials concerned about such figures have considered limiting the number of practice hours for athletes. The commission plans to hold a forum on the study during the National Collegiate Athletic Association's meetings in January in San Francisco.