The state Board of Pardons has granted a September 1991 parole date to William Gerald Yates, who was convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of his wife's boyfriend.

Yates, 30, was sentenced to serve one to 15 years for the slaying of Wayne M. Myrick on Sept. 25, 1985, in Taylorsville.The killing occurred after Yates discovered his wife and the victim were having an affair.

Since being in prison, Yates said he has improved his communication skills and learned how to use medication for diabetes and depression. He has also become a plumber.

"I've had time to get away from my wife and the stress she put me under," he told the board. "I feel better about myself now. I used to feel dependent on my wife."

But three relatives of the victim who addressed the board felt their lives would be endangered if Yates were released.

Bonnie Tolman, mother of the victim, said the year before the murder, Yates continually "plotted and planned and threatened" her son and other members of her family. Even Yates' children are afraid of him, she said.

"When Mr. Yates' kids were staying with me they would not go outside," Tolman said, wiping away tears. "They stayed in the house and hid."

The board placed several conditions on Yates' parole, including abstention from alcohol. The panel also ordered him to submit to random urine tests, undergo mental-health therapy, maintain no contact with the victim's family, refrain from carrying firearms and stay out of Carbon County.