Avalanche warnings along the Wasatch Front have been terminated by the Utah Avalanche Forecast Center, but skiers are cautioned to hit the slopes with care.

Center director Bruce Kremper said north- and east-facing slopes in the Salt Lake area are still considered high hazard areas, especially steep slopes above 9,500 feet. Drifting snow caused by gusting winds is the greatest danger, Kemper said.He said Salt Lake area mountains received nearly 4 feet of new snow in a short period over the weekend, prompting the avalanche warnings. He said control efforts using explosives caused few avalanches, indicating the snowpack base is quite solid.

Areas outside Salt Lake City that received lesser snowfall should be better for cross-country skiers, Kremper said. The deeper snowfall makes trail breaking difficult, especially along the more gentle slopes, he said.

Avalanche conditions outside the Salt Lake area are considered moderate and localized.