Eleven people were killed in clashes between Armenians and Azerbaijanis in ethnic violence in at least five cities in Armenia, official sources said Wednesday.

The deaths reported by the official Armenian news agency Armenpress on the basis of official government information raised the death toll in more than a week of ethnic violence to at least 18.Leon Azruyan, an editor at the news agency, said in a telephone interview that the 11 dead included 10 Azerbaijanis and one Armenian. The figure included clashes in cities throughout Armenia that occurred Nov. 22-29, but only were reported officially Wednesday, he said.

The Armenian was killed in the city of Goris in southeastern Armenia by Azerbaijanis who fired into a crowd of Armenians holding a rally, Azruyan said. Two people were seriously wounded, and the attackers slipped away, he said.

In the city of Kalinino in far northern Armenia, an Azerbaijani fired into a similar crowd, "but they threw stones at him. One hit him in the head and killed him," Azruyan said.

He said the other deaths occurred in Kirovakan, Krasnoselsk and Spitak in northern Armenia, but that there was no detailed information on how many died in each city, or what the circumstances were.

The previous seven deaths officially reported all occurred in the Azerbaijani city of Kirovabad.

Four soldiers were killed protecting the Armenian population from crowds of Azerbaijanis, and three civilians were shot and killed there by soldiers for violating curfew regulations.

Military law and a strict curfew have been imposed in the Armenian capital Yerevan, the Azerbaijani capital Baku and cities around both republics. Baku and Yerevan were reported by official and activist sources to be relatively quiet Wednesday.