To the editor:

In the Deseret News (Nov. 20), a small article related how Salt Lake police were investigating a "prank," in which a skinned two-year-old Husky house pet, with its front paws removed, was placed on the hood of a car. We found this story very disturbing for two reasons.First, it is upsetting to know that the person or persons who performed this barbaric act are walking around in our midst. This type of individual clearly deserves to be sentenced to the state prison or mental hospital.

Second, if police characterized this act as a "prank" or "joke," then the investigating officers need to be reprimanded for their insensitivity and for their ignorance of the law.

It is the intention of the Humane Society of Utah to vigorously investigate this incident, both as to the discovery of the perpetrators and the handling of it by the police. The cruel death of the animal deserves no less.

Craig S. Cook

Humane Society of Utah