Brigham Young University has installed a new generation Convex supercomputer for use in advanced research and development.

The Convex C210 supercomputer was selected by the College of Engineering and Technology in cooperation with the university's Advanced Research Center and the College of Mathematics and Physical Science, said Steven E. Benzley, information systems officer.It is the second Convex supercomputer purchased by BYU. Convex Computer Corp. is based in Richardson, Texas.

In addition to research in mathematical modeling of combustion, signal processing, high-performance graphics, and optimization in mechanical engineering, the university will use the C210 supercomputer for the development of its own software applications.

"This new C210 supercomputer adds a vital element in the college's computer network, at the top, and keeps the college at the forefront in computational capacity," said L. Douglas Smoot, dean of BYU's College of Engineering and Technology.

"It also provides an opportunity for more interdisciplinary cooperation with the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, who are partners in this effort."