The Salt Lake County Library Board desperately needs help.

Board members' imagination stretched thin Wednesday as they tried to think of a name for the planned new branch at 49th South and 27th West that will give it a sense of geographical identity, not make Taylorsville or Bennion residents upset and not sound silly.One board member, County Commissioner Mike Stewart, said maybe the branch could be the Valley Park Library, since the branch will be built in the county's unfinished Valley Regional Park.

Or, said Stewart, ever the politician, since Taylorsville will be offended if it's the Bennion Branch and Bennion will feel the same if it's called Taylorsville, why not split the difference and call it Tayben, as some county planning documents do?

County Library Director Eileen Longsworth joked that since Parks and Recreation is in charge of the park site, maybe it should be called the Recreation Library.

Clearly, the board members need fresh ideas. Stewart stressed that he doesn't want to hold a contest, though. The last time the county did that - to name a street running through the new county complex - "We got 100 people mad at us," he said.

It's time to be picking a name, because although construction won't start until January, books for the new collection are already being marked.

So, be charitable and send Longsworth your ideas, even though there's no money in it. The County Library Board needs you.