Slowpokes beware. When state lawmakers begin meeting in January they may make it illegal for you to let cars back up while you leisurely wend down the highway.

Rep. Kim Burningham, R-Bountiful, has filed a bill that would require slow drivers to pull off the road and allow cars to pass. The bill would only affect drivers on two-lane highways, and there would have to be at least three cars backed up behind the offender."This addresses a need all of us have at one time or another felt," Burningham said, noting he first thought of drafting the bill while driving between Logan and Bear Lake.

"I always get behind some person going very slowly up the canyon," he said. "I keep thinking I've got to pass him, but I can't see far enough ahead to know if it's safe."

Burningham thought there ought to be a law - he decided to sponsor one. Oregon and Idaho have similar statutes.

To qualify as slow, drivers would have to be going slower than the speed limit and slower than the flow of traffic.

If slow drivers notice three or more cars in their rear-view mirrors, they will have to find the nearest safe roadside and pull over.