In two separate incidents earlier this fall, Salt Lake police officers Scott Hallock and David Knight fired their service revolvers in the line of duty.

Hallock, shooting at a suspected drug dealer, missed. Knight, shooting at a fleeing car, hit it.Hallock was not disciplined. Knight was.

Hallock was found to have acted justifiably the night of Nov. 4. Hallock was assisting narcotics officers on a "no-knock" search warrant in South Salt Lake.

As Hallock went through the front door, he confronted two drug suspects, one of whom pulled a gun and pointed it at the officers.

The suspect refused to drop the weapon upon command so Hallock fired two shots with his .38-caliber. Both shots missed, but the suspect to drop the weapon.

A rookie who joined the police force in September, Knight was assisting other officers in a high-speed chase on Oct. 23. The pursued car was on Montgomery Street (15th West) near Eighth South and appeared headed for Knight's training officer, Don Cahoon. So Knight fired his .38-caliber revolver at the car.

The police department's internal shooting review board didn't think the car posed a danger great enough to justify deadly force being used against it. Knight was found to be "out of policy," said his captain, William Duncan.

Duncan has sent the rookie a letter of reprimand.