An estranged husband who lost an action to prevent his wife from obtaining an abortion is seeking an appeal.

"I'm not doing this for men's or women's rights or anything like that," said Michael Jon Reynolds, 25. "I just believe the child had a right to live."Reynolds had obtained a temporary restraining order to prevent his wife, Jennifer Franks Reynolds, 18, from terminating her nine-week pregnancy, but 3rd District Judge David Young lifted the order on March 30.

The judge ruled there was no basis for making the order permanent.

The restraining order was reinstated 90 minutes later by the Utah Court of Appeals, but, in the meantime, the woman had obtained the abortion.

Reynolds' attorney, Evan R. Hurst, said the issue is not moot because other fathers may face similar circumstances.

Hurst said a motion has been filed, to be heard May 2, asking Young to consider the abortion matter separate from the divorce.