Police had trouble searching a house for drugs during a weekend raid because they kept getting interrupted by customers knocking at the door wanting to make buys.

"They just kept coming. Some even admitted they were there to buy drugs. . . . I've never had that experience before," said Mike Cahill, police chief of the small town of Junction City, about 90 miles south of Portland.He said Monday that authorities arrested 17 people who came to the house during the search Friday night. Four hours after the raid began, police parked a patrol car in front of the house "to slow down the traffic and get our search done," Cahill said.

The officers answering the door were in uniform, but the visitors did not make the excuse of being at the wrong house. Some flatly admitted they wanted to buy drugs, while others said they were simply paying a visit, the chief said.

Four people who were in the home when the raid began were arrested.

Cahill said the search of the house yielded small amounts of marijuana and methamphetamines.