The mother of two missing women linked to the alleged assassin of opposition leader Benigno Aquino identified the remains Tuesday of two bodies unearthed in a sugarcane field as those of her daughters who disappeared five years ago.

Ester Oliva, 66, took one glance at the piles of bones laid out for her to identify at National Bureau of Investigation headquarters and began weeping.Oliva said she recognized dentures as those of her daughters, Ana and Catherine Oliva. The remains were unearthed Saturday in Capas, a town in Aquino's northern home province of Tarlac.

"These are my daughters," Oliva said, touching the bones as photographers crowded around.

NBI officials could not immediately confirm Oliva's claim and broadcast appeals on radio for the Oliva sisters' dentist to identify the dentures.

Previous court testimony showed Ana Oliva stayed with alleged communist hit man Rolando Galman at a motel near the Manila airport on the eve of Benigno Aquino's assassination on Aug. 21, 1983.

Aquino was gunned down at the airport while under military escort on his return from three years of self-exile in the United States.