Gov. Robert Orr, with a month left to name someone to finish the Senate term of Vice President-elect Dan Quayle, will not make his decision known in the next two weeks, his press secretary says.

Orr must name a replacement for Quayle before Gov.-elect Evan Bayh, a Democrat, takes office Jan. 9, or the state's new leader will have that privilege.Orr's press secretary, Dollyne Pettingill, said Monday the governor would not make that decision "any time in the next two weeks. He does not want to wait until the last minute, but he understands he has the entire month."

"From my knowledge of his schedule and the ground he has to cover, it will take that long," she said.

Pettingill said once Orr had narrowed the field, he would have a better idea on the timing of the announcement.

She said the governor had given his staff instructions not to tell anyone with whom he might be meeting or discussing for the position.